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Shadows of Freedom is a feature length documentary on the Jewish resistance of 1942 in Algiers. This resistance movement – which also identified strongly as French – had a significant impact on the war, yet remains virtually unknown. It was part of the 1st Allied collaboration of WWII called “Operation Torch”, which has also been largely forgotten. Led mainly by 22-year old medical student José Aboulker, these young and inexperienced resistors greatly helped the Allied landing in North Africa. It is a story about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and in the process, helping to change the course of the war.


“One of the most enlightening and informative films on the history of WWII – or of any historic event – that I’ve ever seen”

- Mike Kaspar Film School Radio


“One of the most intriguing footnotes of WWII…a vivid documentary…”

- Sheldon Kirshner Times of Israel

“A straightforward and fascinating documentary…you’ll wish there was more of their film. They present the true story of an incredible struggle, with all its great tragedies, terrible losses and happy accidents.”
- Richard Whittaker Austin Chronicle
“A compelling documentary…more relevant today than at any time since WWII and shows how the FEW can change the course of history for the MANY. Essential viewing…Vive la Resistance. Vive la Shadows Of Freedom!”
- Phillip Silverstone “SilverstoneLIVE”
“You don’t have to be a history buff to be inspired…the musical score is on point, ranging from majestic to poignant.”

- Carla Hay Culture Mix

“An eye-opening and wonderful film!”
- Jan Price Show “All About Movies” iHeart radio