Our advisory board has assisted us in numerous ways; helping to guide the content of the film, connecting us with others in the academic and film worlds and, in some cases, appearing in the film itself. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following board members:


Richard Rhodes: A Pulitzer Prize winning author – for the book The Making of the Atomic Bomb - of over 23 books of history and memoir, including Masters of Death, a study of the SS-Einsatzgruppen and their role in the Holocaust.


Michael Levine: One of Canada’s top Entertainment Lawyers for almost 40 years, acting on behalf of clients such as Universal (TV), Sony (Film), Mordechai Richler, Yann Martel (“Life of Pi”) and many more. He is also a founding director of the Canadian Film Center (CFC) and helped build Canadian cultural icons like the Telefilm Canada, the Toronto International Film Festival and the Banff Television Festival. As an executive producer he has worked on “The Terry Fox Story”, “Churchill and the Jews”, “Hollywoodism”, “The Republic of Doyle” and much more.


Benjamin Stora: Professor of history at Université Paris Nord and an expert on Algerian history. He is the author of over 25 books, including The History of Colonial Algeria 1830-1954 and The Three Exiles, Jews of Algeria. He was also a historical advisor for the film Indochine, which won the Oscar for best foreign film (1993).


Antony Polonsky: The Albert Abramson Professor of Holocaust Studies at Brandeis University and author of many books about Jews in Eastern Europe and the Holocaust including Jews in Eastern Poland and the USSR, 1939-46.


Samuel Moyn: Professor of history at Columbia University, winner of a 2008 Guggenheim Fellowship and author of a number of books including A Holocaust Controversy: The Treblinka Affair in Postwar France.


Kalman Weiser: Associate Professor, Humanities, at York University.  His research focuses on modern Jewish history and culture including the Holocaust, Israel Studies and language issues in Jewish life.


Anika Walke: Postdoctoral Fellow at Washington University and Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies (US Holocaust Memorial Museum). She is also the author of the upcoming book Jewish Youth in Ghettos and Forests: Oral Histories of the Nazi Genocide in Byelorussia.